From Principal’s Desk



Our children are our hope for the future and our responsibility for the present. It is our duty to provide each child with best developmental opportunities. The school has successfully created the right Conditions, the right climate for growth and opportunity. At our school, our commitment to development of each child is complete and total. This is an equal opportunity public school. I myself keep one to one contact with each and every student because communication is a two way process. I strongly believe that schools should not only produce students who get high scores, but also produce personalities and attitudes. We want our students to make people pay attention, talk and dominate like leaders, win arguments and become sought after.

Strong classroom teaching and the right balance between studies and activities are plus points. The school has highly qualified and experienced personnel. Sincerity and competence is a strong combination and all our teachers have it.

Our teachers are especially trained in the use of latest teaching tools and techniques. When it comes to time management for the children, they don’t lose a minute. The activities are conducted by experts in music, dance, art & craft for sports, the school has expert trainers.

At Sri Nangali AHPS, We are tremendously proud of our tradition of excellence in education. Infact, it is this commitment that makes our school such a dynamic, invigorating and inspiring place. We are highly grateful to parents for their all time support. Parents come and tell us that we are simply the best ! We are touched by your overwhelming response. It speaks of your affection and trust for schools quality education. Thank you for adding to our joy. We’ll spare no effort to add to your’s! I always remember the lines by Robert Frost ……………..

The Woods are lovely deep and dark

And I have promise to keep
Miles to go before I sleep
Miles to go before I sleep………..



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