Activity Zone

School was started with 10 classrooms and 70 students in 2009.Today we have 50 classrooms and a strength of more than 1100 students. All classrooms are fully Air Conditioned, well equipped with ultra modern furniture. The rooms are airy and well lit. The walls are decorated with useful charts and art-work on the display boards. Moving with the times, the institute has turned smart with smart board in classrooms.

Speaking Oriention

Employee and student handbook are not sufficient anymore when it comes to introducing and welcoming them on their new environment. It needs to have a good and effective orientation speech to make them on board. Orientation speech is not made by a speech writer, It is the organization that manages these speeches.

Concept Clarity

In education, this means that the general under performance of schools is directly attributable to a failure to implement three simple, well-known elements: coherent curriculum, soundly structured lessons, and adequate amounts of fairly traditional literacy activities. We love to talk about these elements, but they are rarely implemented.


Mini Theatre

Each hour and a half session provides a seedbed for stimulation of imagination and development of personal creativity. Mini Theatre School sessions are lots of fun and help encourage confidence through the arts. Class numbers are limited to a maximum of 12 pupils with one teacher and one assistant teacher.


Colors Learning Activities. Colorful Water Play Experiment for Preschoolers. 100+ Fun Learning Activities For Kids To Do At Home. Super Simple Fine Motor Mosaic Pattern Art Activity for Kids. 


Play Games

Play is central to working out how to get along with other children and fit in. Here are some play ideas and games for kids in the early school years.



Children experience a joyful and nurturing learning environment while developing fundamental music skills. “We are currently registered in the Siblings class after completing two sessions of age-specific classes for each of my two children


Dance Room

Every child is an untapped storehouse of talent, skill and capabilities. Keeping in view of the fact, we have formulated dance education in well furnished Hi-tech mini D.J. and huge Dance Room.

Special Assembly

school assembly is a gathering of all or part of a school for any variety of purposes, such as special programs or communicating information on a daily or weekly basis. In some schools, students gather to perform a common song or prayer, and to receive common announcements.


Ball Room

It is an arts program teaching ballroom dance to the Kinder Garten students of participating schools throughout the five boroughs.




Library is fully computerized and has been expanded. The opulent Library housing more than 4000 spiritual, religious and scholastic books is the pride of the institution. The library subscribes to more than one dozen magazines and Five different Newspapers for the school children which are displayed in display-racks especially made for the purpose. The library is planned to be the best in the region.


Door to door Transport

We provide door-to-door  bus service.




The computer lab has been meticulously designed to satisfy the inquisitiveness of young minds and quench their thirst for research & innovation .We have more than 35 computers fully equipped to enhance the knowledge of students.The facility of broadband is also provided.


Personalty Development Classes

Along with the regular curriculum we emphasize on one of the most important quality of the students i.e. Personality. For this purpose we work on following aspects. 

  • Communication Skills
  • Behavior & Etiquette
  • Moral Values 
  • Confidence Build Up



The school has just set its social science lab with ultra modern facilities to instill a feeling of love for every religion, culture and heritage. It also increase the geographical, political, social and economical status of the students.

n order to strengthen the base of students in Math by teaching them the mathematical concepts with various mathematical tools ; we have advanced Lab with modern equipment.